Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Questions of Etiquette

I have a regular pubic groomer. Getting someone who is not too chatty and not too half-witted to talk to whilst tending to my nether regions is something that has been an issue for me. Similar to the issue of getting a hairdresser one is comfortable with, the pubic hairdresser has a generally unpleasant task and is someone that you want to trust. Not being same sex inclined, it is also a matter of some delicacy in having some female looking intently, in bright lights, at my mons pubis.

But thankfully, my groomer is lovely. Appropriately chatty, not too young to make me feel old, not too thin or beautiful to make me feel inadequate, and certainly brisk and efficient at her job making the whole process pass by as painlessly as possible.

But I have one issue. Only one single, little tiny issue. I have no idea of her name. She doesn't wear a name badge. The salon is small, and generally she is the only one working during the week when I attend. So I can't turn up and have someone say, "Hello, will be with you in a moment!". After seeing her now for many months, how does one just say, "By the way, I know you are intimate with my Labia, but what is your name?". I just can't do it. So I think, in my head, I will just have to call her Mulva. Or Dolores.


Anonymous said...

Shauna Fluff ?

Damsel Underdressed said...

Or Betty... ;)