Thursday, December 06, 2007

The pen is indeed mightier than the sword

Now that I have the swanky little Scooter (nicknamed Gloria), I have to get swanky insurance for it. This is not as easy as it may seem. Despite the fact that I am an "experienced" driver - insurance code for "really fucking old" - I am a Learner Rider and therefore am penalised for that inexperience. So I have been ringing around trying to find the cheapest insurance I can, and thankfully I have found a (reputable) company that is relatively inexpensive.

So it was all going swimmingly. I have the cover note. I have paid the premium. But apparently I have to fill out some form, with much of the information that they already have, plus some more. There are spots to fill in on the form where you have to list all traffic infringements - hmmm, those could take a while. A few spots to list all the modifications I will have done to the bike to pimp it up. You know. The usual.

But what I don't get is where it asks for the Rider's Details. "QUESTIONS MUST BE COMPLETED IN THE INSURED'S OWN HANDWRITING". So if I get refused insurance cover, it could be because of my penmanship?


Banttha Fodder said...

In the days when i still had my 1965 Valiant (sigh, how I miss that old beast) I had such difficulty insuring it.

One company's excuse: "It's a modified vehicle" - this in reference to the "wide" rims - all of 10mm wider than the original rims, which were affectionately known to Valiant enthusiasts as "cheese-cutters".

Second company's excuse: "We don't insure vintage cars". Excuse me? A vintage car is a putt-putt olde worlde beastie with wood panelling and a crank at the front, not an over-powered ground-hugging... well, imagine this in dark-red. You get the idea.

when the revolution comes to town, insurance agents will be first against the wall. well, okay, maybe not first, but you get the idea.

Katja said...


I was thinking about this and I have come to the conclusion that it's a bit like the customs' "did you pack this bag yourself" question. They don't really care if someone else packed it for you, because you'll still get shafted for whatever is inside it, but at least they can say "I told you so" at the end of it all.


Sarah said...

Congrats again on the scooter! Mine is uninsured (state law says it's okay), so I can't help ya :)